GREDO nutrition centre saves the life of malnourished child

 Baidoa, November 2017 – Abdirasaaq was born in April, 2016 at Hanano 2 IDP Camp, Baidoa town. He is from a family of 5 including his two parents. His 31-year old mother, Khadijo, informed us that her son became physically very weak after developing fever for several days. Despite giving him some anti-maalerial drugs she bought from a local chemist, the fever never stopped making the boy weaker and weaker. Abdirasaaq’s health situation had deteriorated day by day and eventually become malnourished. In addition, the mother had not sought any medical assistance from our site since she was not aware. Fortunately, one of our Community Nutrition Volunteers told her that there is an OTP/ TSFP site where children are being cured and treated of acute malnutrition and other related complications. The CNV had counseled Khadiijo on the positive aspects of taking her child to the OTP/TSFP centers where similar children with malnutrition cases are being cured. In the end, Abdirasaaq’s mother accepted her son to be referred to Hanano II IDP and brought the child to the site after a day.

On the following day, the GREDO CVN accompanied Khadiijo and her son to the OTP/TSFP center in Hanaano II IDP camp, one of the sites covered by GREDO nutrition teams in Baidoa. Upon arriving at the site, Abdirasaaqo had been attended to by the nutrition screener and took all his measurements. His anthropometric indicators showed that he was qualified to be admitted into the OTP program. The field based nutrition nurse carried out the plumpy nut test and Abdirasaaq passed the test. The mother was also given health education on the first day. Abdirasaaq have stayed in the OTP program for 7 weeks and successfully Recovered.

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Abdirasaaq’s Stay in the OTP Programme

Abdirasaaq has been in the OTP Programme for 7 weeks. He received the recommended amount of RUTF according to his weight on weekly basis. He was also given systematic treatment. The mother received IYCF counseling during Abdirasaaq’s stay in the programme. Abdirasaaq has finally recovered and discharged from the OTP Programme and several follow ups had been done when was still in the program and also after discharge.

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The Story: Mother’s Feedback

“My name is Khadiijo Abdi Ibrahim, I have 3 children namely: Abdihakiim 3 years old, Daahir 5 years old and Abdirasaaq 17 months old. My son Abdirasaaq was happy and playing with his brothers before he got the Fever which I thought was Malaria. Despite giving him some medications from a local chemist, the Malaria made my son very weak leading him to become malnourished. Abdirasaaq’s health has been deteriorating as days go by but my son was lucky when this man (the CNV) come to my house and found us. He screened my son and found out that my son was severely malnourished. The doctor (in this case the CNV) advised me on what to do and referred my son to this OTP/TSFP site (Hanano II) near to our IDP camp.

The man told me to take my child to (Goobta Quudinta) the feeding centre (OTP/TSFP) site. By the time we reached the site, the staff told me that my Son is weak and malnourished. During his sickness, I was not aware that he only required nutrients and proper feeding. But now I thank the CNV for showing me the right place to take my son to. The team at the site was also welcoming and helped my son a lot. I was also given breastfeeding / IYCF Counseling Sessions, health education and water sanitation and hygiene to prevent communicable Diseases.

First of all, I would like to thank GREDO/SCI for providing this kind of humanitarian aid to the vulnerable members of the society. Before I brought my son to this GREDO OTP Site in Hanaano2, I never thought that my child would recover soon. My Son was very weak before I took him to this site and I never thought he would recover again, but with the help of GREDO team, he fully recovered and discharged while he was very healthy and strong again. Surely Malnutrition can be cured”
OTP Nurse Feedback.

“My name is Yoonis Yusuf Salah GREDO OTP/TSFP Nurse. When I first saw Abdirasaaq at the site, his physical appearance indicated that he was Malnourished and had fever. When I did Malaria test, he was positive and gave him some medication. We again took his anthropometric indicators to determine his nutritional status. After he qualified for the OTP program, we did the appetite test with RUTF to see if he would be admitted into the OTP programme or he requires SC. But he passed the appetite test and he was instantly admitted into the programme.

After he stayed in the programme for 7 weeks, he became well nourished and clinically well due to the tireless effort made by the GREDO Nutrition staff at Hanano II IDP camp site.

During his stay in the OTP program, he was given RUTF, Amoxcycilin syrup, and Vitamin A at admission point, de-worming on the second week in the program, and all the systematic treatment and Routine drugs depending on his clinical signs. He has now fully recovered after receiving all the prescribed treatment in the OTP Programme. I wish him all the best”.

Abdirasaaq has fully recovered and discharged from the OTP program. He was automatically admitted into the TSFP program. Several follow ups have been done and he was doing great. The mother is still receiving IYCF counseling sessions.