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Thursday, May 23, 2019



  • Facilitate and participate in the humanitarian efforts of the international community in all their efforts to reach vulnerable groups in the operational areas of the organizational through partnership.
  • Bring about the kind of changes required to alleviate poverty in the long-term and to address its root causes.
  • Provision of primary health care targeting men and women and basic secondary health services with focus on sexual reproductive and child health through nutrition program and health services for under five children, pregnant and lactating mothers.
  • Support measures, which increase food production or income-generation and employment opportunities.
  • Promote the capacities of the small-scale business, farmers and livestock herders by providing them with tailor-made training courses, expertise and financial assistance.
  • Address the economic and social problems facing poor people through three interrelated principles: participation, equity and sustainability.
  • Mobilize grass-root communities in order to enhance their awareness on democracy, peace, human rights protection and their potentials as individuals and groups.
  • Investigate, document, monitors and advocate for cases on human rights violation with particular consideration to the domestic violence caused by the  civil war
  • Implement short-term and long-term educational strategies and programs to fight against illiteracy.