GREDO works in rebuilding the livelihoods of the local community who are on recurrent seasons being affected by droughts and conflicts especially in southern parts of Somalia and especially in South west state and Somalia in general. We empower the low class and poor community members to have better livelihood access and build on the existing local capacity to enable poor HHs to become sustainable and improve their living conditions. GREDO’s livelihoods programme aim to target the poorest people in the areas we work in SWS and Somalia while investing on promoting local farms productions through agro support provision of seeds, tools and capacity building of the local farmers through Good Agriculture Practice (GAP) trainings and market chains in establishing market linkages for local farmers to have a better access to the local markets.
Objectives in Livelihoods.
– Empowering local farmers in increasing their farm yields and improving HHs food security.
– Support most drought and conflicted affect community members through animal restocking, agro inputs provisions, supporting with micro business and vocational trainings.
– Creating short term employment opportunities through Infrastructural development and rehabilitation.
– Promote Microfinance among the farmer communities to reduce poverty and improve household income.
– Support the local community with cash relief during emergency periods in immediate lifesaving assistance.